Lactation Consultation

We are here to support you in your breastfeeding journey.

Deciding to breastfeed your baby is one of the greatest gifts you can give your child by providing the best possible start in life. The numerous advantages of breastfeeding include fostering a strong bond between mother and baby, providing ideal nutrition, saving on costs, and promoting health benefits for both you and your little one.

While breastfeeding is a natural process, it may pose challenges, and it’s essential to remember that a content baby is a well-fed baby. If you encounter difficulties initially, don’t be alarmed; breastfeeding is a skill that develops with patience and practice. Keep in mind- breastfeeding may not be the best option for all families. We are here to advise and ensure you and your baby are fed and happy! 

Here are some ways we can help:

How to Schedule

Call our office at (512) 225-0766 and we would be happy to assist you with scheduling a Lactation Consultation with Dr. Van.

Preparing for your consultation

Feed your baby, but not too much.  In order to work together through a full feeding, your baby should come ready to eat. You do not want your baby to be too hungry because a stressed out baby who has been crying might not have the energy or the patience to feed well but a baby who is too full will not be interested in feeding during the consult.  Make sure you eat a good meal before your consult, this will help you feel your best and retain information better.  It could be helpful to have your support team present so you can learn together and this person can help you remember information discussed in your consult. While you and the baby are the only essentials, if you are using any breastfeeding tools such as a special pillow, nipple shield, etc, bring those along as well.