Well Child Checks

Annual Wellness Checks

An Annual Wellness Check is the best way we monitor your child’s growth and development, as well as an opportunity to address any of your questions or concerns. The appointment includes a complete physical examination, a review of the child’s medical history and status of chronic conditions, weight, height and body mass index measurements and percentiles. In addition, a discussion will take place regarding nutrition, sleep habits, development (physical, cognitive, and social) along with counseling regarding health and safety risks, and adolescent issues surrounding peer pressure, drugs, tobacco and alcohol. These visits are the foundation for promoting continuity of care and a long-lasting relationship for effective medical management and care.

Most insurance covers an Annual Wellness Check (AWC) at no cost to you, in fact many plans also provide you rewards or premium discounts if you complete an AWC. A child’s AWC encompasses the school required Sports Physical and much more, and is also usually 100% covered by insurance.

Wellness Check Schedule & Handouts

Here are some age-based educational handouts covering all the information discussed in your child’s Annual Wellness Check.